I've always struggled with my weight and never liked to "perspire", but when my cholesterol and blood pressure levels became high last year, it was motivation to change my eating and exercise habits. Luckily, I found Refuel! The class variety has kept me interested and active, plus I met and hired Jen Years, Refuel's personal trainer. The biggest change for me was my mind set. Now I love feeling strong and fit! Now I think of food as fuel for my body for all my activities!"

-Karen H.

"I have been with Refuel since day 1, it is not only a great place to get some exercise with great instructors but, it becomes your family with great people and great friends. Love this place and everyone there."  

-Laurie R.

"I would recommend C-fit to anyone wanting to loose weight and get healthy. This program helped me learn to eat healthier and make realistic goals . The instructors are all amazing and genuinely care for you. They making working out fun. Try it, you won't regret it!!"

- Patty B.

"So much about myself has changed because of C-Fit, Refuel and the instructors. I have lost 11 lbs in 6 weeks doing the C-Fit program and an additional 6 lbs doing the R21 program. The programs have given me so much more than weight loss. It has given me the tools to make better choices about what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat. The instructors are amazing, giving us constant support, knowledge and encouragement. When you fall, feel weak or are having one of those moments, they will catch you and build you back up. How has my life changed? I'm not bloated all the time. I have more energy. My clothes feel loose instead of cutting off my circulation. I feel stronger and see my body starting to have definition. I love myself a whole lot more. I'm proud of myself and what I've accomplished so far. My cravings are becoming less frequent. I'm standing a whole lot taller. My smile is growing a lot wider. Joining C-Fit will change your life if you let it!"     -Denice M.

"I have struggled with weight all my adult life, but my breaking point was when I reached 215.2 lbs.  It was then that I felt I hit bottom and decided to join Weight Watchers with a co-worker.  I lost 70 lbs. in a year by tracking my food intake, counting points and starting to walk.  I wasn’t one to join a group because I was embarrassed and ashamed of myself, but I knew I couldn’t do it by myself.  I’ve lost weight before, but did not maintain.   


For one reason or another, I stopped going to meetings and gained back some of the weight over the next winter.  I realized I needed to not just lose weight, but needed to change my eating habits and life style along with increase my activity. I started attending Laurie’s Zumba classes at the Community Center and followed her to the Legion and finally to Refuel.   Zumba is a great workout and it’s fun!  When I do Zumba regularly, I feel stronger and healthier, and therefore, want to eat healthier. 


What helped me was when I changed my mindset from having to diet to changing my overall eating habits; and finding an exercise I enjoy and will do on a consistent basis.  Zumba is that activity for me.   Zumba has not only helped me lose weight, but inches as well.   The C-fit Challenges have provided the support and accountability that I need.   I am still down 50 lbs. from my highest weight and continue on a path for better health and fitness. 


Tools that helped me:

  • Drink lots of water.  Always have a water bottle.

  • Eat fruits and vegetables any time.

  • Watch portion sizes.

  • Set realistic goals.  Slow and steady is more attainable and sustainable.

  • If you have a craving, wait 10 minutes.

  • Don’t beat yourself up if you have a bad day.  Get right back on track the next day.

  • When going out to eat, make a healthy choice ahead of time and stick to it.

  • Ask for a “to go” container when your meal comes if the portions are generous.


I feel so much better now.  It’s like night and day.  I used to have trouble bending over, climbing stairs, walking long

distances and needed heartburn medicine every day.   Now I have so much more energy.   I now do Zumba four

times a week and no more heartburn. 


I have to admit that it makes me feel good when my husband and kids tell me they’re proud of me……because let’s face it, I’m not going to cure cancer or win an Olympic medal!


On a personal note, I am very grateful to Laurie Tellier, Danelle Bell and everyone at Refuel GFF.  I appreciate your commitment and support.  You have provided us with the tools we need to work toward better health and fitness. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!"

-Linda B.


 I feel so sad looking at the first picture from April . I remember the day that I went to the doctors and stood on the scale and I always pretend everything is ok but that day I couldn't I sat there disgusted in my self crying , and just at a turning point it was March 29, 2015. So after sick of hearing, "BUT you're so pretty."

I talked to my friend who is a instructor and she didn't even know how I was feeling and she just had said I miss you come to refuel once, the first time back is the hardest day, and it was.  So I started doing Zumba again with her. I realized I was so emotionally gone that after a workout I would cry the whole way home because I couldn't do it like I used to.  I just kept going. I knew I had to have time for myself and what makes me happy...

I am proud of my weight loss and I know I still have 60 more pounds to go until I am happy with me . But with all the things that have happened this year with my back surgery and emotional problems from my own perception of myself , I can say that I am doing so great and what I am supposed to be doing and I should be proud of who I am because I am still the same person inside as I am out. I may be silly and would hide my sadness through fake humor as fake confidence. I am good enough to be happy with my self. I am not just the pretty fat girl . I seriously could not have made these self discoveries without sucking it up and taking full responsibility for the bad choices I had made for gaining 80 pounds in one year . I am thankful for Refuel and their support . But I am most proud of myself . Although I know it sounds selfish I did this and everyday I need to be proud of where I'm going!    -Bethlyn

Here is my before and after. 70 pounds lighter. I had a hard time finding a picture of the before me with only me in the picture. Why because I always hid behind the camera. I never liked having my picture taken. Always self conscious about the way I looked. No matter how many times I was told I was beautiful, I never felt it. I'm still a work in progress. But I take baby steps.

-Suzanna J.